Jun 22, 2015

Kiyomizu HUNT 6.20 ~ Start / Hunt of position and tips

Kiyomizu HUNT
Position and tips I have linked the blog has been introduced


Hunt of position and tips

Little Cat Resort



SL あみっこ

* Beginner Center * SMO

❖Textures SHOP



June 22, 2015 current

Hello All
We start by "Kiyomizu Summer Hunt 2015".
The ninja cats wanted and hidden in various locations.

The ninja cat plays a trick to the commodity of the shop.
The item of the reward can be gotten from the shop in finding it.
One all is searched out.

The shop where the ninja cat exists has information
in the guide signboard of Kiyomizu Mall.
The infomation place is HERE

It scratches for information here, and it looks for the ninja cat.

start: 2015/6/20 JST 21:00
end:  2015/7/12   JST 22:00

Kiyomizu Summer Hunting HQ
Selphie Oberts
Aya Mactavish
AT Amaterasu

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